Cixi Tianhao Electric Technic Co.,ltd(Former Dongguan Tianhao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd) Professional glue dispensing robot manufacturer that integrates research and development, production, sales and service in China.

TianHao Dispensing brand was originated from Dongguan in 2000.from 2004 establish company to now has been 19 years. At 2008, company be moved to Zhejiang Province, and changed company name to "Cixi Tianhao Electric Technic Co.,Ltd".

Since the year of 2006, Our products have been exported to Western Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, Australia, Company has SGS product quality CE certification, Company logo is listed in the international trade company's well-known brands in the same industry. The products have considerable influence in the international equipment industry.

The first dispensing robot designed and manufactured for customers has been in running for fifteen years,just now still work well in the production line. It has truly provided customers with long-term stable and reliable dispensing robot products, which fundamentally create more production value for customers.

Tianhao engineers have more than ten years of accumulated industry experience, the industry cannot achieve the glue control technology, TianHao engineers can make it. Tailor-made solutions for the most appropriate fully automated production line for the user, actively helping customers solve various production problems in modern industrial applications.

Continuous innovation is the company's constant pursuit, and is committed to providing customers with more professional and comprehensive quality services.

Our dispensing robot designed and manufactured be application in more than 3,000 industries, including the automotive industry, LED lighting industry, electronics industry, medical industry, handicraft industry, new energy industry, aerospace industry, home appliance industry and so on. Among the well-known customers are:

(Foreign): Microsoft, American SeaLink International, Parker, PREMO Group, Temprecord, Brazil Cliptech, etc.

Our Product

  • 4 Axis dispensing robot.XYZ dispensing robots- for full automated and high precision ,high efficiency production processes control

  • Dispenser.mix/meter dispensing system - for manual assembly processes   

  • Threadlocking adhesives coating machine-suitable for  thread coating processes

  • Rotary table Dispensing machine- for dispensing circular beads on circular, semi-circular, oval, product

  • Valve, tank-for automated production lines

  • Highest quality dispensing tips ,syringe barrels

  • Other disposable components

Customized Product Design &OEM. Our talented engineers are competent for any project from simple to complex designs.In addition,Accept OEM orders from worldwide, at the same time, on time delivery guaranteed. 

Our Product Can Help You To Achieve The Goal

  • Increase production efficiency

  • Promotion processing precision control 

  • Improve product quality 

  • lower production costs, reduce rejected product

  • Eliminate material waste

These systems offer reliable operation with excellent repeatability for dispensing adhesives, sealants, solder pastes and other assembly fluids 

Our Service 

We have Complete independent technology software and design staff,so we can provide quick response and timely after-sales service, At the same time we are able to provide dispensing solutions for every application required precise dispensing of fluids.