TianHao Dispensing's industrial manufacturing solutions offer a wide variety of industrial dispensing equipment fit for applications in industries such as alternative energy, automotive, electronics, Jewelry,manufacturing,aerospace and more. 


Alternative Energy Applications 

TianHao Dispensing's Robot caters to a variety of alternative energy sources including photovoltaic solar assembly, wind energy, electric vehicles, and LED technology. With standard and custom options, we can find the right solution for your unique energy manufacturing needs. Common applications include: 

  • Jbox- production lines of solar panels Sealing, potting 

  • Panel to frame bonding 

  • Internal insulation 

  • cell positioning 

  • bus bar and connection sealing 

  • Bonding flexible solar modules onto solar panel 

  • EV electric vehicles 

  • LED light emitting diod 

  • Crystalline photovoltaic 

  • Marine/Watercraft Electronics 

  • Modular Components Lighting 

  • Decorative Lighting 


Automotive Applications 

The automotive industrial applications requires advanced precision fluid dispensing solutions that deliver smaller deposits, higher accuracy, and lower dispense tolerances to maintain high quality standards. Fluid dispensing allows for a precise, repeatable manufacturing process that ensures a durable finished good with minimal rejects. Common applications include: 

  • Wire harness and connectors 

  • Brake lining assembly 

  • Instrument cluster 

  • Electrical components 

  • Air conditioning 

  • Transmission 

  • Drivetrain 

  • Windscreen 

  • Engine gaskets, seals and lubrication 

  • Fuel system 

  • Switches 

  • External and internal lighting 

  • Mirrors 

  • Sensors 

  • Frames, panels and suspension 

  • Battery Sealing 

  • Electrical Motors 

  • Automotive Wheels 


Electronics Applications


TianHao Dispensing's offer industrial manufacturing solutions to help electronics manufacturers increase profitability with fluid dispensing solutions engineered for the most demanding production environments. 

TINHAO DISPENSING solutions improve yields and reduce costs in electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing.Common applications include: 

  • Component assembly 

  • PCB assembly 

  • Packaging 

  • Fiber Optics 

  • SMT assembly 

  • Computer hardware 

  • Communications 

  • Cell Phone assembly 

  • Communications 

  • Security System Controllers 

  • Visual Display Panels 

  • InfraRed Sensors 


Jewelry Applications 

When fluids are dispensed consistently, regardless of the operator or machine assembling parts, manufacturers are able to achieve better control and streamline production.


  • Achieve zero defects and lower costs at bonding stations.

  • Simplify training of new workers. No guesswork. 

  • Stop hand fatigue from manual inaccurate tools.

  • Place small, precise deposits exactly where needed.

Manufacturing Applications 

TianHao Dispensing's systems are engineered for use in a wide array of manufacturing applications. Equipment is easily integrated into existing processes and can help streamline operations while increasing output. Common applications include: 

  • Microdot deposits 

  • Lines 

  • Potting & filling 

  • Pick-and-place automation 

Aerospace Applications 

help aerospace manufacturers improve quality and throughput.Automated dispensing is an accurate, high-quality, cost-effective way to assemble components, often helping reduce issues like material waste or operator fatigue.Common applications include: 

  • Wire harness and connectors 

  • Electrical components 

  • Power supplies 

  • Air conditioning 

  • Safety systems 

  • Screens 

  • Fuel systems 

  • Switches 

  • External navigation 

  • Internal lighting 

  • Sensors 

  • Electro mechanical components 

  • Frames, panels, and linings