Product Details
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1. Double working table design, can work left’s product and replace right's product at same time, without delaying product replacement time improve production efficiency.
2. Gantry robotic coating System With surface cleaning function, it can effectively remove surface debris (crushed sand) and increase the adhesive service life.
3. 10 kg of large-capacity glue heating tank, can work while preheating in production, no need to stop waiting for the glue to melt.
4. Three-stage heating. The temperature of tage can be set separately according to the temperature down, so that the hot glue is heated uniformly without viscosity change, so that the hot glue output is consistent.
5. The temperature can be heated to 200 degrees, suitable for most of the glue melting point.
6. Hot melt tank With the addition of a manual hot glue valve, when be gluing position of the product cannot be reached by a robot arm, manualbe easily glued.
7. Large work table design, take fittings in the preparation area in advance, which is convenient for employees to assemble product after the product be gluing is completed.
8. The work table of the left and right sides can be controlled separately, and can be easily switched when the operation steps are changed.
9. Equipped with LED lighting device, so that the machine can be used in dark environments.
After Sales Service And Warranty
Service: Your satisfactory, our pursuit!
The quality and good service is in higher level for us to satisfy our customer.
1.Machine question will be replied in 24 hours.
2.We provide 1 years warranty of machine,Lifelong maintenance.
3.Free video trial. Just send us a sample of your part and material and our lab will record the trial, demonstrate the robot in action, provide the process data, and send you the video with completed parts.
4.Provide Demo operation video for training; If you have time, welcome to our company,we offer free training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine, our company Will arrange engineers to show you the operation.
5.Our Engineers available to service machinery overseas ,we can offer oversea training and install for customer, when machine running in your company have no question, then our engineer will back.
6.After shipping, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.
7.Each machine spent 3 weeks make running testing before shipping, then keep machine good work.
1).Operation simple and convenient. Cleaning is convenient.
2).Production management is convenient,Machine is able to operate without PC control ,The teach pedant is portable, place it in a safe place, in case of staff misuse.
3).Service convenient ,All machine modular design, easy to replace new parts.each parts single replace,but no effect complete machine.
4).Software design very simple and easy to remote control. our company have oneself software engineer.
Value-added Services
Free offer trial video for your sample
Free training with machine

Free offer accessories dispensing kit

Save cost

One machine instead of three or four staff, reduce the management cost, also can work for 24 hours.


Staff no need direct contact with glue material,so not need work with face masks,Improve the working environment.

Help your business

When bring customers to visit your workshop,the equipment to produce customer satisfaction products,then take good business for you.

Our product can help you to achieve the goal

Increase production efficiency
Promotion processing precision control
Improve product quality
lower production costs, reduce rejected product
Eliminate material waste